On August 5 & 6, 2017 we held our first two workshops for the project.  In attendance were residents, resident leaders, activists, organizers, and community organizations.  The first workshop was just for residents to gather and tell their stories and experiences with public housing.  In the second workshop we talked to all other housing advocates about their relationship with public housing, housing policy, campaigns and activism as it related to housing justice.  On the following day, a team member led the residents in a brief training on peer interviewing and set up residents in pairs and let them have a more intimate conversation in order to delve a bit deeper in their relationship and experience with housing.

Charlene Nimmons, Maria Forbes, Daniel Anderson discuss how to improve housing communities during breakout session.  (Photography: Matthew Harvey)


Jay Espinoza, People’s Power Movement  (Photography: Matthew Harvey)


Photography: Matthew Harvey
Juanli Carron, Outerseed Shadow and Rene Willis, National Low-Income Housing Coalition